The power of new shoes

Here they are. The saviours of my feet. These are the New Balance 1023, the shoes I ran my first marathon and a model no longer made by New Balance.

new balance 1023

I had, as regular readers will know, been in a bit of a panic about not being able to find some shoes that didn’t make my legs hurt.

So in desperation, knowing that these particular shoes cause me no problems at all, I set about tracking down a warehouse pair.

They came on Tuesday and last night was the first time I ran in them – 3 x 1.5miles ‘fast’ according to my Runner’s World training schedule.

It was brilliant! Like having wings on my feet. (I was, to be fair, aided by the strong winds blowing me along the seafront.) But boy it felt fast. Seven-minute-miles fast to be precise.

It was one of those moments. The sun was shining. The sea looked very blue. There were a couple of guys practising their break-dancing moves on the beach. Bournemouth, I have to say, looked
beautiful. And I couldn’t stop smiling. (so much so that when the Echo’s feature writer Maria Court jogged past me heading out for her run I barely noticed her til the last second.)

Let’s just hope they hold up when it comes to the long runs….


~ by Sam Shepherd on March 26, 2009.

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